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    IX Bergg 19

    Dr A A. Brill
    1 West Seventieth Str
    New York
    U. S. A.

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    9. XII. 19
    Dear Dr Brill

    Thanks for „Totem“, „Wit“, „Leonardo“ just
    received. We are all deeply obliged to you
    for the pains you have taken.

    Can I expect your other translations:
    „War and Death“, „ΨA Movement“ and soon?
    Will you kindly add: Delusion and
    Dream“ by that unknown lady Downey?

    I have got no answer to my last letter
    from you. Also Jones complains of your
    unexplicable silence. Can you be „falling
    off“? Or what else is it? Tell it frankly.

    Yours unchanged