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    April 25th 1923

    Dear Brill

    When I saw you last I recognised what
    the peculiar nature of our relation
    is and I think I have not been mis-
    taken. There is something unalterable in
    it, an intimacy of the kind present in blood
    relationships. I am deeply dissatisfied by
    some points in you (in fact I cannot
    pardon your having resigned the reclin-
    ing position and given 20 minutes of ψα
    treatment), I am annoyed, that you have
    not done more knowing well that you
    did a great deal, I am ensuring you,
    putting up another man to occupy the
    place you did not succeed in filling,
    I know I am in danger of treating
    you injustly – and yet I never am
    really angry, never feel a diminution
    of any kind feelings towards you
    and so I conclude it must be the
    same with you towards me.

    As regards Frink I rather think you under-
    rate him intellectually. He has shown
    signs of deep understanding rarely to be
    met with and he has learned so much
    by his own neurosis that I have a high
    opinion of his chance as a leader. If
    a leader is possible in NY! I know it
    can be no easy task if you did not
    succeed but the attempt should
    be made and you not to hinder
    it. I learned with astonishment
    that Frink planned some 

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    literary attack on you, took it as a proof
    that he is still far from normality
    and dissuaded him severely by letter.
    I hope you will show no excessive re-
    action, if my letter came too late to
    stop his folly.

    I ordered a copy of my last pamphlet „Das
    Ich u das Es“ to be sent to you today.
    It may seem too speculative and I will
    be glad to turn my back on these
    abstruse problems.

    I had an operation an my palate last
    week, a growth removed, which is said,
    to be a benignant one; yet it showed a
    tendency to luxuriating, I am 67 and
    must be prepared to see my last
    day sooner or later. So whatever
    happens be sure of my affection, even
    when shown in upbraiding and
    keep me in good recollection when
    we do not meet again or come
    over to see me when you can
    and I endure.

    Affectionately yours

    P.S. I know █████ is not cured,
    it is remarkable, so much could be
    done for him. Now the question is:
    is this all or can we do more by
    ΨA for such a case of true Paranoia?
    What about his effort to give up
    dentistry and turn to money-making?
    I ventured no advise