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    Nov. 16th 1938
    LONDON. N.W.3.
    TEL: HAMPSTEAD 2002.

    To the Editor of „Time and Tide"

    I came to Vienna as a
    child of 4 years from a
    small town in Moravia.
    After 78 years of assiduonis
    work I had to leave my
    home, saw the Scientific So-
    ciety I had founded, dissol-
    ved, our institutions de-
    stroyed, our printing Press
    („Verlag") taken over by
    the invaders, the books I
    had published confiscated
    or reduced to [¿¿¿¿], my
    children expelled from
    their professions. Do'nt you
    think you ought to re-
    serve the columns of
    your special member
    for the utterances of
    non-Jewish people less
    personally involved
    than myself?

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    In this connection my mind
    gets hold of an old French

    Le bruit est pour le fat,
    la plainte est pour le sot;
    L'honnête homme trompé
    s'én va et ne dit mot.

    I feel deeply affected
    by the passage in your
    letter acknowledging
    „a certain growth of
    anti-Semitism even in
    this country." Ought this
    present persecution
    not rather give rise
    to a wave of sympathy
    – in this country?

    Respectfully yours
    Sigm. Freud


    Editorische Anmerkung:

    [ "Le bruit est pour le fat, la plainte pour le sot; L'honnête homme trompé s'éloigne et ne dit mot."
    J. B. Sauvé de La Noue, La Coquette Corrigée, I, 3.]