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    4. 1. 20.

    Dear Dr Brill

    I am glad you recieved my photograph
    and I got your letter of Dec 16th. For
    I confess I was tempted to do you wrong,
    wondering why you could not spare
    the time to give me answer. Now
    I see a letter must have been lost
    as your last one has no relation
    to the questions I raised in mine.

    Among others I asked you, whether
    the money you intended to send me, was
    lawfully mine (royalties) or a loan
    from your side. The latter I declined
    for the time being, to in case of the
    former I begged you to send it at
    once to the account of my son Ernst
    at Munich. Now you write having
    sent a sum of # 1200 to this account,
    but I nevertheless assume, it is neither
    a loan nor my property, but your
    contribution to the funds of the
    Anglo-american Journal and I
    want you to confirm this.

    I am very happy to learn that
    you can do so much for this enter-
    prise, and I know its success is
    largely depending on your mental
    and material subventions.

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    As regards your complaints on the spreading
    of wild analysis in your country, I
    cannot see what there is to be done
    against this plague, unless the activity
    of the true adherers and the authority
    of the new Journal will keep it down.

    Jones insists on holding the congress
    at the Hague first week of Sept,
    so if nothing intervenes, I may look
    forward to a meeting with you
    after so many years lapse, to thank
    you for your hard work in favour
    of our common cause as an inter-
    preter, as a physician and as a man
    of science. I hope to get good news
    about your family too.

    You know we are passing a very bad
    time in Austria, but friends are
    providing in so kind a way for myself
    and family that we feel the
    hardships decidedly less than other
    I acknowledged the receipt of Wit, Leonardo,
    and Totem, let me repeat my wish
    to get the Reflections on war etc, the ΨA move-
    and the one not translated by
    you (Gradiva, I think).

    In eager expectation of
    your news yours